Slam is an industrial design company that was founded in 2007 by lead designer, James Lucas.

Slam questions the form and function of objects around us in our daily lives and challenges the realms of possibility. We focus on bringing  joy to interaction with products or objects that would normally go unnoticed and forgotten.

Initially slam focused on giving the humble door a new lease of life. This explains the origin of the name slam. The signature designs included ‘ThreeStyle’, a door with three openings one inside the other. ‘Flex’ is a fire rated doors system designed to be taken apart and changed allowing for radical designs and offering the ability to update and refresh its look. ‘Flow’, a product still in development, is a door made up entirely of running water which automatically ceases to flow and “opens” as someone approaches. Slam continues to focus on producing innovative designs which do something that is unexpected, unusual and memorable.


James Lucas – founder and designer

As Slam’s founder and lead designer, James has always had a passion for guiding objects and products that surround us off along new forks in their evolutionary journey and likes to take them somewhere inspiring, challenging and fun.

James thinks a lot about what his designs can do for the space that they inhabit, what they can ‘bring to the table’ and how they elevate the experience of a space. The goal is to leave your with a big grin on you face, keen to tell your nearest and dearest about your new found experience, a moment in your day that stands out a little more than the rest.

James is a lover of modular, easily alterable designs. This quality lends itself to designers and individuals who want to make their own personal and unique products.

James is a firm believer that as times change, so do requirements. Therefore it’s important to keep perspectives on design fresh to allow products to be updated in accordance with the changing world around us.

He’s not precious about his work either, James loves input from others and is always striving to evolve. He’d love to know what you think about his work so please feel free to contact him. (link)


Spliced together

Spliced is a vision, a platform for a collective of people and small businesses each with distinct skill sets that focus around the creative, design and business services sectors. These skills are combined to provide a cross section of services for the design industry and work together to create a unique working environment where everyone is linked to each other’s success.

In short the members are driven to succeed by helping others around us to do the same. Working with each other, sharing knowledge, skills and most importantly of all, we share in each other’s success.

To hear more about Spliced and how you could get involved please get in touch.

Best,  Spliced Team

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