Have a seat, meet chool

Half chair/half stool – the best of both and a fresh approach to seating. We’ve gone back to the drawing board and combined active design with functionality, a concept currently unseen in the furniture market, or by anyone else for that matter.

So what’s the big idea you ask? Well, at rest chool modestly adopts the form and functional benefits of a stool, able to be conveniently stowed under tables and desks. As someone sits down the entire pod smoothly descends a few inches to standard seating height. This  simultaneously activates a mechanism that raises a full size backrest.

And if that isn’t delightful enough, when you eventually decide to get up and walk away, chool quietly and obediently returns to its resting stool form – creating a clean, clear skyline in its surrounding environment.

Chool can also be locked in any position between chair to stool at the push of a button. It requires no external power to operate, purely relying on the mass of a friendly sitter to work its magic.

Like chool’s design and structure, it’s a strong, long lasting and simple idea with the power to not only change the way you sit, but the way you decorate, design and live.


Watch me move

You probably need to see it to believe it and we think that the best way to gain an understanding of how it operates is to have a look yourself.

Simply click on the video image and see what fun can be had with this new seating design.

Sit down, stand out – chool key features

Chool is a product that, in one swift movement, can entirely change your space. In stool mode chool is quiet and unassuming (even when its unique design attracts attention).

However, the treat happens when you, your clients, guests or friends decide to have a sit down and then chool comes to life, instantly stealing the limelight and creating a talking point. It’s not often you find people queuing up to sit down.

Click on the image for a full rundown of chool’s jaw dropping key features.


Chool lead designer, James Lucas understood that the most important feature of any seat is its ability to stand on its own four legs and fully support the human figure.  It was also of utmost importance to James that chool looks great in both of its states. James was adamant that he would not compromise anything in the design of chool.

James’ aim was to design a seat that had it all – comfort, style, functionality and a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

Click on the image to learn more about the design journey and features of chool.

One of a kind

From the outset, our designer wanted to create a product that could be made individual to each and every customer.

Therefore he made sure not to limit the design of chool to just one or two variations.

Currently there are eight different models in chool’s range and this number is growing all the time.

To explore the range of the different models just click on the image.

Contemporary retro

The splicing together of two styles, a union of clinical precision and organic curves and materials results in a warm, almost living piece sporting a contemporary retro feel.

Click on the image to find out more about chool’s design features.

Styling options

Our designers have put together a range of collections from our preselected fabrics and finishes which we feel look great and compliment the design of chool.

However we also offer the flexibility for you to design your own collection or apply any fabrics and materials that you like to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Basically we’re a friendly bunch, if you have an idea that you want to put into action then we will do all we can to help you out.

For a more detailed rundown of our styling options click on the image.


Our designers have put together a variety of different fabric and metal collections that we feel compliment the design of chool perfectly.

To have a browse of our collections or to simply gain some inspiration before you get your designing hat on and create your own – click on the image.

Fabrics and finishes

We only use the highest quality, beautiful fabrics from Kvadrat and Camira on our chools.

For a full run down of the fabrics on offer just click on the image.

Made in Britain

Chool was dreamt up and produced in our nation’s capital. All of our materials and suppliers are located in and around London.

For more background information on chool’s design, just click on the image.

Favourite hangouts

Learn what type of environments benefit the most from having chool hanging out in them.

Please click on the image to find out more.

Architects and designers

The ability to fully customise chool provides architects and designers with a blank canvas on which to create something which completely matches a brief or reflects a client identity.

For more information on how the Slam team can assist you architects and designers out there just click on the image.

See and buy

You can buy chool online today by visiting our online shop or why not make an appointment to come and visit us at our studio.

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