Sit down, stand out, be remembered

Everyone out there will understand the importance of creating a memorable impression. Chool does just that.

Teaming beautiful modern design, innovative movement and above all – fun, guarantees that chool attracts attention and in turn raises the status of any environment in which it is placed.

Its pioneering and forward thinking design is the future of seating design and having it in your environment will ensure that you continue to be considered leaders in your field.

Introducing movement into your space

You’ve heard the description, now see for yourself exactly how chool moves and introduces exciting movement into static environments.

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Innovation in seating – Patent filing number: 1011059.1

Chool fuses together the best features of a chair and a stool and creates something which can move and adapt itself to meet the demands of its environment. The unique functionality of the mechanism and how the chair moves have been patented
and will not be found in use on any other chair the world over. This way, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you have a truly individual product. Impressive eh?

Table tetris

Imagine that you are a chair. You spend your whole life hanging out with your trusty friend the table but are always kept at arms length by the fact that you have a cumbersome backrest stopping you from really having fun. That doesn’t seem fair does it?

Countless chairs spend their lives obediently half tucked under tables, and for the majority of that time they are unoccupied. This led designer James Lucas to realise that chairs only need a backrest when they’re being used and sat upon.  If there was no backrest present when not in use then the chair could neatly tuck under it’s table, just like a stool.

With chool, you have all the well-loved elements of a chair combined with the convenient characteristics of a stool but we are also introducing a new concept whereby the user has the opportunity to choose for themselves how their seat interacts with the people and furniture around it.

As our Mothers used to say, ‘Variety is the spice of life!’

Clear your horizons

With your standard every day chair, the unmoveable backrest means that environments can often be left looking cluttered with different height chairs creating an impression of disorder and mess.

Chools reactive backrest means that when not in use it can be hidden away under any work top or desk.

This leaves the environment looking neat and tidy, creates clean geometric lines, uninterrupted work surfaces and restores calm into your environment.

The innovative design of chool means that it can be stored out of sight but as such an exciting product, we can guarantee it definitely wont be out of mind.

Just sit

Although it may look super hi-tech, chool requires no external power whatsoever to operate.

All chool needs to spring into life is for you to choose to take a load off.


One touch

With just one touch of the button chool can be locked into any position. Press it once more and chool regains its movement.

This allows you to fix the backrest at any height to maximise comfort or simply to lock it in position as either a chair or stool.

This facility comes as a standard feature on the slice and square models.

Favourite hangouts

Learn which environments benefit the most from having chool hanging out in them.
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Contemporary – retro

Designer, James Lucas has always been a fan of contemporary retro styling in design and he has echoed these influences in his work on chool.

The combination of vibrant materials, interesting textures, wooden finishes and metal elements takes a fresh design idea and gives it some old school charm.

Custom order

Have a look at our styling options to see how you can create your very own chool.

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