Meet the family

Chool isn’t just a new seating product, it’s a new concept.  You have a bench, a stool and a chair, and now we also have a chool. There are countless ways this new concept can be realised and loads of ways to have fun with it but we thought we’d start off with eight. The ‘s’ models all have an extra soft bit on them. Max-s has padded fabric arms and slice-s and square-s have padded fabric that extends all the way down the front panel to the base.

Softy as the name suggests is one big cuddly softy with padded fabric from head to foot.  Slice and square aren’t left without their own special features. They both sport an angled front panel allowing you to tuck your heels back and a very nifty magic button that with one press locks chool in any position, chair or stool mode or anywhere inbetween.




The name Slice originates from the sliced away side panels. When sat upon the mechanism is triggered and the backrest slides up and into place. The sliced panels allow an uninterrupted view of the reactive backrest in motion. When chool is vacated the backrest smoothly returns to its original position.
The angled front panel ensures maximum comfort by allowing the user to be able to tuck their ankles in.




This design features ‘sliced’ away side panels as with the original Slice model, allowing the user to see exactly how the reactive backrest is activated when sat upon. When the user walks away the backrest slides slowly back down into place.
The front panel of Slice-s is covered in fabric and as the chair descends the legs are neatly concealed underneath.




As the name suggests, the wooden side panels on this model are square-shaped meaning that when not in use, the backrest is hidden away.
When activated, the backrest is revealed as it slides up and into place. When the user walks away, the backrest returns to its original hiding place.
Just press the button on the front panel of Square to lock the backrest in either position and press it once more to release it.




Square-s features square side panels which neatly conceal the backrest when in stool form.
When activated by the user taking a seat, the reactive backrest reveals itself as it slides up into place and transitions into a chair. When the user walks away the backrest slides back down into its hiding place behind the side panels.
Square-s has a fully upholstered front and can be locked in position by touching the button on the front panel.




Softy gains its name by being completely covered in the nice, soft fabric of your choice.
The simple design has clean lines which accentuate the sliced angle of the backrest and allow the user an uninterrupted perspective of chool in motion.
When in use, the chair descends and the legs are neatly concealed underneath.
When in stool-form Softy can be sat on from any angle.


Square-s³ (cubed)

Unlike other chool products Square-s³ does not have a back that comes up. It’s a stool in its purest form.
Square-s³ has a fully upholstered front panel.



As well as being a little larger than the other models, the reactive backrest on Max slides up higher when activated to provide additional support and comfort.
The upholstery on Max is more padded and has wooden side panels which can be used as arm rests.
Max can be locked in any position by pressing the button located on the front panel and the freedom of movement can be regained by pressing it once more.



Like Max, this model is slightly larger than the other models.
Max-s features a backrest which is slightly higher and provides additional support when it slides up into place after activation by the user. Like the other models, the backrest slides back into place when the user vacates the chool.
Max-s has fully upholstered side panels and arm rests allowing an impressive view of the reactive backrest in action.

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