Architects and Designers

The modular design means that the chair can be fully customised to suit your clients requirements, allowing their brand/ corporate identity to be accentuated and mirrored by chool. When we say sit down, stand out – we really mean it.

Pre-chool, when people wanted to be sat down comfortably for long periods of time the only option available to them was the chair.¬†Stools may offer a cleaner, more low profile solution but can’t be used for long period without you getting fidgety and uncomfortable. With the introduction of chool you can have the benefits of both.

As well as introducing a whole new type of seating option, chool is an unusual, exciting and eye-catching feature and can’t help but baffle passers-by with its never-before-seen mechanism and movement. It quite literally stands up and makes people take notice.

There is no doubt that the introduction of chool makes any environment memorable.

The design lends itself to being easily refreshed by changing the upholstery or side pods at a low cost to the client. Its modular design also means that as a designer or architect looking to create a certain vibe or impression in an environment, you can easily adapt each component to your unique specifications ensuring that you exceed all expectations when meeting your brief.

As standard we use fabrics from the Camira and Kvadrat ranges. We are also able to use any suitable fabrics requested by your clients and supplied by you.

Over to you, it’s your canvas have some fun with it and we’ll support you throughout.


Spaces that love chool

Learn which environments benefit the most for having chool hanging out in them.
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