Classic Range – Fabrics

We only stock the most beautiful and high quality crib 5 commercially rated products from Kvadrat and Camira.

These fabrics have each been hand picked by our designers because of their high quality and because we feel they compliment the design of chool perfectly.

The vibrant materials selected are durable, beautiful and reflect exactly the kind of contemporary retro style that we had in mind back when the idea was just a twinkle in James Lucas’ eye.


Kvadrat fabrics

Divina 3

Designer, Finn Skodt, created Davina 3 by weaving yarn together at a high temperature in order to create a smooth and directionless surface which makes it very similar in texture to felt. The result is a thick and durable fabric. This type of process is called ‘cloth weaving’ and is often used to create finer textures like plaid.

Composition: 100% New Zealand wool


Perla 1

Dutch designer, Frans Dijkmeijer is famous for his precise textile designs and Perla 1 is no exception. Although it may not look this way at first glance, the ply’s are wound around each other in a very deliberate way in order to give the fabric it’s distinctive appearance which is reminiscent of tweed.

Composition: 100% New Zealand wool


Perla 2

Perla 2 is part of the Perla range designed by Frans Dijkmeijer. The weaving process used to create the fabric, differs slightly from Perla 1 to provide us with our coarsest finish.

Composition: 100% New Zealand wool.


Flora 2

Architect, Erik Ole Jorgensen designed Flora 2 by weaving a twisted yarn in a crepe binding in order to create a light surface texture which works perfectly on all firm upholstery like chairs. From a distance the fabric looks like it is made up of just one type of yarn but as you move in closer, the colour breaks down to reveal more of the individual threads used allowing it to develop in depth and intensity.

Composition: 90% New wool. 10% Nylon.



Designer, Fanny Aronsen created Vidar by first experimenting with the perfect combination of wool and polyamide. After some experimentation, she opted to used a ‘fantasy’ binding method which combined different satin constructions and wove them on a jacquard loom to create a beautiful fabric.

Composition: 94% Wool. 6% Polyamide



Remix comes from acclaimed Italian designer, Giulio Ridolfo who is well known in the fashion world for creating beautiful textiles. His innovative method used to create Remix involves making one piece of thread which is made up of three different colours. He then takes two of these multicoloured threads and weaves them together. This combination of different coloured thread creates an irregular pattern of shades which play across the surface of the fabric.

Composition – 90% New wool. 10% Nylon



Designed by Giulio Ridolfo Outback is one of our most luxurious fabrics. It has the feel of a soft deep pile carpet, or a brand new fluffy towel. This making Outback by far the thickest and most sumptuous of the classic range of fabrics.

Composition – 80% New wool. 20% Nylon


Camira fabrics

Sting plus

Sting fabric is made out of sting nettle, but it doesn’t burn anymore! Stingplus takes environmental design to a completely new level. Camira have led a successful Defra supported project, in conjunction with academic partner De Montfort University, to create a high performance, fire retardant upholstery fabric from an innovative new sustainable fibre.

Composition – 75% Wool, 25% Nettle fibre


Classic Range – Finishes

Walnut Veneer

This horizontal grain American black walnut veneer avalible on chools side pods



These finishes are used to powder coat chools metallic surfaces and on chools side pods as a highly durable vinyl PVC coating.

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