Flex door system

The Flex internal door system is a fresh approach to how we view doors. It treats the door more like a piece of furniture or art than just a passive room divider. Allowing them to become a feature within a space, a feature the has the flexibility to change and evolve inline with world around it.



The current version of Flex brakes down into 5 main parts, 2 x rails (left and right), 2 x styles (top and bottom) and a central panel.

In addition a ‘flex panel’ can be fitted into the recessed area, bringing the door up to a flush door.  This flex panel can be pretty much anything you desire, coloured acrylic, glass, art work, wood veneer etc etc.

Plus the flex panel can be changed at any point of the doors life further expanding the possibilities. These panels have been used for advertising, branding, artwork your only limited by you imagination.


Flex – able

First impressions are everything. We hate to stereotype, but what a person wears often says a lot about who he or she is. In the same way, what a door looks like could speak volumes about what’s behind it.


Flex styles – an example of the mix and match panels


Fire test

This is a image of one of Flex’s fire tests.

This is a test for an FD30 rating (30mins).  This shot is taken at 50 minutes, the door failed at 55 minutes.

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